Walk to Work Day

Years of medical research has shown that walking is one of the best ways to stay healthy and keep your body in shape. So, once a year, why not take the doctor’s advice and walk to work on Walk to Work Day?

How to Celebrate?

Walking Techiques
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and walk to work.

  • If you are unable to walk to work, take public transport instead and then walk from the bus or train stop to your workplace.

  • If you have to drive or take public transport to your workplace, why not walk to your lunch instead.

  • Park away from the entrance

  • Start a Walking Group at the office

  • Take your kids for a stroll

Did You Know...

...that an average adult person uses 200 muscles in his or her body to take a step forward?

The Mayo Clinic…

...has suggestions for proper walking technique

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