How do I clean my Cultured Granite or Marble?

One of the most common questions we get asked is: How do I clean my Cultured Granite or Marble surface?

Routine cleaning with a soft sponge or cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner is all that is normally needed to maintain its beauty and shine. We recommend products like Windex, Lysol Bathroom Cleaner or 409 Stone Cleaner.

What not to use when cleaning your surface?

  • Do not use steel wool pads or scrubbing pads such as Scotch Brite. Even if they say, "no scratching", they can and do scratch many surfaces.

  • Do not use an abrasive cleaner such as Comet, Soft-Scrub, Bon Ami or the like.

How do I remove hard water build up on my surface?

Hard water build up may be removed with most lime and rust stain removers. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water. Using a squeegee after you shower and wiping water off the vanity top after use will greatly inhibit the formation of water spots. To make cleaning easier, especially water spots, periodically apply a wax. We recommend Gel-Gloss, a one-step cleaner and polish made especially for cultured marble products. It is applied like furniture polish and then hand buffed when dry. Fiberglass boat wax or automobile wax is also good. Gel-Gloss can usually be obtained at your local hardware store or Home Depot. See for further information.

What if I have a chemical spill?

Do not allow any chemical spills to sit on the surface for any length of time. Wipe up spills of any liquid other than water immediately.

If you still have questions, give us a call! 520-747-0611. Our Customer Service Team will be happy to help or schedule a Maintenance Call for you. NOTE: Maintenance Calls do come with fees.

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