Top Bathroom Trends and Colors for 2016

We all want to have that perfect bathroom but being on a budget can sometimes flush that dream down the drain. However, you can create a beautiful bathroom by simply updating some paint and/or changing a few fixtures. Here are some great ideas and trends that we saw in 2016 for your bathroom.

According to there are 5 Trends that stand out the most:

  • Open Shelving

  • Freestanding Bathtubs

  • Trough Style sink

  • Black and White Color Palette

  • White on White Color Palette

A few of these trends can be accomplished on a budget. You can add open shelving to your wall space and incorporate it into your design. Depending on your current plumbing situation you may easily be able to switch out your current sink with Trough Style Sink.

When considering colors for your bathroom, suggests consider the style and atmosphere you want to create. All that I have read (,, and so many oters) has told me that the trend is: don't be afraid to be bold. says it best: "At first glimpse it may seem that the bathroom is the dullest and not fashionable space of the home – tributary to its functionality and prosaic means – but if you think about it is one of the places that you spend a lot of your time – so why not to let your imagination fly free and turn the space into an emanation of style and beauty."

So explore your mind, your space and your colors!

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