Care and Maintenance

Now that you have your new bathroom features how do you care for them?  We have some helpful hints below:

How do I clean my surface?

Routine cleaning with a soft sponge or cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner is all that is normally needed to maintain its beauty and shine.

We recommend products like Windex, Lysol Bathroom Cleaner or 409 Stone Cleaner.

What not to use when cleaning your surface?
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Do not use an abrasive cleaner such as Comet, Soft-Scrub, Bon Ami or the like.

Do not use steel wool pads or scrubbing pads such as Scotch Brite. Even if they say, "no scratching", they can and do scratch many surfaces.

How do I remove hard water build up on my surface?

Hard water build up may be removed with most lime and rust stain removers. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water. Using a
squeegee after you shower and wiping water off the vanity top after use will greatly inhibit the formation of water spots.

To make cleaning easier, especially water spots, periodically apply a wax. We recommend Gel-Gloss, a one-step cleaner and polish made especially for cultured marble products. It is applied like furniture polish and then hand buffed when dry. Fiberglass boat wax or automobile wax is also good. Gel-Gloss can usually be obtained at your local hardware store or Home Depot. See for further information.

What if I have a chemical spill?

Do not allow any chemical spills to sit on the surface for any length of time. Wipe up spills of any liquid other than water immediately.

How do I maintain my caulking?

Maintenance of the caulking is very important. At installation, the joints in your tops and surrounds are sealed with a high quality Silicone caulk (Latex paintable caulk is used on edges adjoining painted walls). Over time this may crack due to the inevitable minor shifting within any house. This is also true of tile, natural stone or any high quality surround and top material. You should inspect your caulk joints periodically, and re-caulk if necessary. Call us for a Maintenance Appointment if you need assistance. Fees may apply.

How do I protect my surface from damage?

Scratches: As with any vanity and surround materials, the surfaces of cultured marble products can be scratched. Check the undersides of various holders and objects placed on your bath counters to assure they are smooth. If they are not, put little rubber or soft plastic "dots" on the bottom. These can be obtained at your hardware store.


Stains: Cultured marble products are highly stain resistant. However, nail polish remover can cause severe damage. Use and store nail polish remover away from your countertops and sinks. Prolonged contact with bleach, ammonia, toilet bowl cleaners, paint or adhesive solvents or other harsh chemicals and solvents should be avoided. Be careful about leaving towels or rags (cleaning cloths) that may contain these materials, even a very small residue, laying on the surfaces for any length of time. Always wipe up spills immediately.

Heat: The resins in cultured marble products will react to high heat. Lighted cigarettes or matches will cause severe burn discoloration, as can other high heat generating items (curling irons, etc.).

Fixtures: When plumbing fixtures are installed or repaired, avoid excessive tightening of the fixtures, which could result in cracking the cultured marble product.

Painting: When painting in the area, wipe off any paint spots or spills on the surface immediately. They will not harm the surface if wiped off immediately. If allowed to dry they are very difficult to remove without damaging the finish.

Who do I call for repairs?

Repairs are possible in all but the most severe cases. If a chip, burn or scratch does occur, professionals can usually repair the damage.  This requires special tools and materials and is not recommended for "do-it-yourself".

If the surface dulls, it can be re-polished with polishing compound and a power buffer. Again, this is also best left to the professionals.

Contact Us for all of your service, repair, and re-polish needs.