What is Cultured Marble?

Your cultured marble bathroom feature is a beautiful blend of natural and man-made ingredients. It is 65-75% natural marble granules mined from the earth that is combined with polymer resins, then cast and cured in molds. It produces a naturally beautiful and durable surface for your home. The natural minerals may contain various shading and specks. Therefore the color, pattern and texture WILL vary somewhat from piece to piece. This is part of the character of the natural material you have chosen.

It is UV resistant, fire resistant, chemical and stain resistant. Cultured marble incorporates a polyester compound and pure alumina tri-hydrate into the particle enabling protection against the sun, fire, chemicals and stains. In addition, a coat of hard acrylic resin is bonded to the surface to enhance and protect the finish.

Cultured marble is durable and easy-care bathroom finish materials. With proper cleaning and care your cultured marble will remain beautiful for years, even for the lifetime of your home. Each piece is individually mixed and cast to order for your home.